English Brass Scale with Deep Weighing Pan from the 20th Century

An English brass weighing scale from the 20th century, stated to weigh up to 28lbs. This 20th-century English brass weighing scale is a striking example of both functionality and vintage charm. Designed to weigh up to 28 pounds, this scale was a robust and reliable tool, reflecting the precision and craftsmanship of its era. The scale features a classic balance mechanism, with a large weighing pan that can accommodate a small amount of items. The patina that has developed over time adds to its antique allure, giving it a timeless appeal. Perfect for use in a kitchen, where it can serve as a unique decorative item in a study or office, this brass weighing scale brings a touch of historical sophistication to any space. It can also be a charming addition to a collection of vintage or antique items, standing out for its blend of beauty and utility. This English brass weighing scale is more than just a measuring device; it is a piece of history, encapsulating the elegance and precision of early 20th-century craftsmanship.
Place of Origin: England
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 16.5"W x 14.2"D x 10.6"H
Inventory Number: ZZ101
Price: $795