Italian Early 19th Century Terracotta Olive Oil Jar from Naples, Twisted Handles

An early 19th century terracotta olive oil jar from Naples, Italy with twisted handles and rustic character. This early 19th-century terracotta olive oil jar from Naples exudes rustic charm and historical character, making it a handsome addition to any decor. The jar features gracefully tapering lines that enhance its elegant silhouette, while the twisted handles add a touch of artisanal craftsmanship and visual interest. The natural tones of the terracotta complement the jar's rustic aesthetic, creating a piece that is both functional and beautiful. The front of the jar is distinguished by a small hole near the bottom, indicative of its original use in olive oil storage and dispensing. This practical detail, combined with the jar’s robust form, speaks to its historical functionality and enduring appeal. Ideal for use as a decorative accent in a kitchen, living room, or entryway, this terracotta jar brings a sense of history and Mediterranean charm to your home. It can serve as a striking standalone piece or be used to display dried flowers or branches, adding a natural element to your decor. The combination of its rustic character, elegant form, and historical significance makes this early 19th-century olive oil jar a cherished addition to any collection, celebrating the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship.
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 31.25"H x 22.5" Diameter
Inventory Number: ZZ14A
Price: $2,650