Italian 1690s Walnut and Ash Three-Drawer Commode with Inlaid Décor- LiL

An Italian walnut and ash three-drawer commode from circa 1690 with inlaid décor, canted side posts and ogee bracket feet. This exquisite Italian walnut and ash three-drawer commode from circa 1690 epitomizes the elegance and refined craftsmanship of the Baroque period. The commode features a harmonious blend of rich walnut and blonder ash, creating a striking visual contrast that enhances its sophisticated design. Each drawer is adorned with bookmatched veneer, showcasing the intricate patterns of the walnut wood. This is beautifully contrasted by the lighter tones of the inlay that surrounds each drawer, adding a touch of delicacy and artistry. The elegant inlaid décor is echoed on the canted side posts and side panels, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic throughout the piece. The commode is supported by ogee bracket feet, adding a sense of stability and grace to its overall silhouette. These feet, along with the finely crafted side posts, contribute to the commode's stately presence and refined elegance. Perfect for a variety of settings, this Baroque commode can be placed in a living room, bedroom, or hallway, where it will serve as both a functional storage piece and a stunning decorative accent. Its timeless design ensures it will complement both traditional and contemporary interiors, adding a touch of historical sophistication to any space. The combination of rich walnut, delicate inlay, and refined detailing ensures this commode will be a cherished addition to any home. Its blend of aesthetic beauty and practical design makes it a versatile and enduring piece that enhances your decor with its timeless elegance and masterful craftsmanship. This Italian walnut and ash commode from circa 1690 is not only a testament to the artistry of its era but also a statement of enduring style and sophistication.
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 17th Century
Dimensions: 59"W x 25.5"D x 38.5"H
Inventory Number: ZZ156
Price: $6,950