Pair of Italian Louis Philippe Mid 19th Century Carved Giltwood Candlesticks

A pair of Italian Louis Philippe carved giltwood candlesticks from the mid 19th century with foliage and tripod bases. This exquisite pair of Italian Louis Philippe carved giltwood candlesticks from the mid-19th century epitomizes elegance and detailed craftsmanship. Each candlestick showcases delicately carved foliage motifs, adding a touch of naturalistic beauty and sophistication to the piece. The rich giltwood finish enhances the intricate detailing, reflecting the opulence of the Louis Philippe period. The candlesticks are designed with elegant tripod bases, each scrolling leg adorned with subtle carvings that complement the overall design. These bases provide stability and a balanced aesthetic, ensuring the candlesticks are as functional as they are decorative. The backs are simply painted, indicating they were crafted to be seen from the front, making them ideal for use on mantels or sideboards where their elegant façades can be fully appreciated. Perfect for enhancing various home settings, these giltwood candlesticks can be used to elevate the ambiance of a dining room, living room, or bedroom. Their classic design allows them to blend seamlessly with both traditional and contemporary interiors, making them versatile additions to any décor. Place them on a mantel, sideboard, or in an entryway to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Their timeless beauty and historical charm make these candlesticks not only functional lighting elements but also exquisite pieces of art that will elevate the elegance of your home. Whether used for special occasions or as everyday accents, this pair of Italian Louis Philippe candlesticks will bring a touch of historical sophistication and refined artistry to your living space.
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 15.25"H x 4.5" Diameter
Inventory Number: ZZ93
Price: $1,295