Original Paul Rose Framed and Signed Wildlife Painting Depicting a Tiger Head

An original Paul Rose framed wildlife painting from the 20th century, depicting a tiger head. Standing out beautifully on an abstracted background accented with small branches, this exquisite painting depicts a tiger looking slightly past us. Opening his mouth to either roar or simply breathe, he strikes us with his wild expression and the realism of his details. Created by American artist Paul Rose who sadly passed away in 2018, the painting is set within a molded frame and signed lower right. Born in Durban, South Africa, Paul Rose (1931 -2018) is recognised as an internationally renowned Wildlife artist. His background is South Africa where he developed his love for the African bush. This great passion together with his technical ability to capture the atmosphere so illusive to many painters has led to him being described as a Master of Light. Recognised by his contemporaries and clients, particularly in the United States, as a Master of the Treatment of Light, Paul managed to convey the atmospheric intensity of the bush that evades the most persistent of photographers. It has been said that missing from film is the stillness, the silence that is almost palpable, the drowsy midday somnolence of animals in the wild.... and the vague, but ever-present sense of menace in the air. Since his earliest days, and for the amusement of his children, he has hidden a tortoise in each of his paintings. Collectors have been known to question the authenticity of an original when they have been unable to find the tortoise. He would respond by suggesting that they search harder. His work can be found in the galleries of discerning collectors in America, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Japan and Taiwan.
Place of Origin: United States
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: Frame 28" High x 24.25" Wide
Inventory Number: CAT1
Price: $2,765