French Napoléon III 1850s Montgolfière Crystal and Brass Two-Light Chandelier

A French Napoléon III period montgolfière two lights crystal chandelier from the mid 19th century with brass foliage, wired for the USA. Experience the allure of French artistry with this mid 19th century Napoléon III period Montgolfière chandelier. This dual-lit crystal chandelier, true to its name, radiates an aura reminiscent of the famous Montgolfier brothers' hot air balloons, evoking a sense of wonder and fascination. The chandelier features strands of sparkling crystals skillfully combined with a brass foliage design. The crystals catch and reflect the light, creating a captivating, enchanting glow that illuminates any room with an intimate, welcoming ambiance. The brass foliage adds a touch of natural beauty, the warm tone of the metal complementing the shimmering crystals perfectly. Bearing two lights, this chandelier is wired for the USA. Its Montgolfière design, popular in the Napoléon III period, brings a sense of historical richness, and its stunning crystal and brass design infuses any space with a sense of French elegance and charm. This French Napoléon III mid 19th century piece is not merely a light fixture, but a work of art, a statement piece that can transform a room. Its sparkling crystals, warm brass accents, and balloon-inspired design make it a distinctive addition to your décor.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 11"Diameter x 23'H
Inventory Number: XX291
Price: $2,950