SOLD - French 19th Century Terracotta Conscience Olive Oil Jar with Yellow Glaze

SOLD - A rare French Provincial terracotta "Conscience" olive oil jar from the 19th century, with two toned yellow glaze and multiple handles. Imbued with rustic allure and a history steeped in tradition, this stunning French Provincial "Conscience" terracotta olive oil jar hails from the 19th century. This marvelous specimen showcases a glorious two-toned yellow glaze that dances in harmony across its robust contours. Emblematic of the rich olive oil heritage of the French countryside, particularly around Aubagne, but also in regions such as Biot, Salernes, and Gard, "Consciences" were esteemed vessels conceived circa 1850. They played a pivotal role in the storage and transportation of the much-celebrated olive oil that is deeply ingrained in the tapestry of French gastronomy and culture. This particular jar distinguishes itself with its multiple handles, which are not only aesthetically graceful but also underscore the utility and thoughtfulness in design, facilitating ease of handling during transportation. The multiple handles, rendered in an elegant curvature, also serve to evoke a sense of abundance, reminiscent of the bountiful olive harvests. The enticing two-toned yellow glaze cascades over the terracotta, with its effervescent hues reminiscent of the golden olive oil it was destined to safeguard. The tactile texture of the terracotta is generously kissed by the glaze, creating a visual and sensory symphony. This "Conscience" jar is not just a vessel, but a storied artifact that hearkens back to a time of simple pleasures and communal bonds. Its presence is an ode to the rich legacy of the French Provinces and a celebration of the olive oil that has been cherished through generations. As a centerpiece or an evocative addition to a collection, this rare French Provincial terracotta “Conscience” olive oil jar melds historical richness with an undeniably enchanting aesthetic charm.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 12.5"D x 10.5"W x 17.3"H
Inventory Number: XX454
Price: $2,350