SOLD - French Provincial 19th Century Green Glazed Pottery Confit Pot with Red Base

SOLD - A French green glazed pottery confit pot from the 19th century with two handles and unusual red base. A French green glazed pottery confit pot from the 19th century, boasting a harmonious blend of traditional function and captivating aesthetics with its dual handles and an unusual red base. Born in the idyllic countryside of France in the 19th century, this confit pot is a symbol of rich culinary heritage. Traditionally an essential in Southern French kitchens, it was used for preserving duck or goose in its own fat, giving birth to delectable dishes such as foie gras and confit. The pot's upper section is adorned with an alluring green glaze, which embraces the curves of the vessel with grace. This glaze effortlessly captures the vibrant spirit of French pastoral life. The lower section unveils a delightful surprise with its unusual red-colored base. The juxtaposition of the green glaze and red base creates a visually stunning contrast that is both rustic and sophisticated. Adding to the pot's practicality and charm are two handles that extend from its sides. These double handles, with their simple form, are not only functional for easy handling but also enhance the pot’s delightful silhouette. Traditionally, the pot was buried in the ground to keep its contents cool. This piece thus embodies an age-old preservation technique, making it an artifact of culinary history. With its lovely proportions, enticing green glaze, and red base, this 19th-century French green glazed pottery confit pot is more than just a vessel; it’s a bearer of tradition and authenticity. It would make an exceptional addition to any home, serving as a reminder of the rich culinary heritage and rustic charm of the French countryside.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 9.5"H x 10"D x 8.5"W
Inventory Number: XX455A
Price: $375