SOLD - Pair of Swedish Gustavian Style 19th Century Painted and Carved Nightstands DLW

SOLD - A pair of Swedish Gustavian style bedside tables from the 19th century with off white / light gray painted finish, single drawer and single door. This pair of Swedish Gustavian style bedside tables from the 19th century exudes timeless elegance and understated luxury. The off-white/light gray painted finish is soft and soothing, creating an air of calm sophistication that is characteristic of Gustavian design. The gentle color palette makes these tables versatile, allowing them to blend seamlessly with a variety of interior decors while still making a subtle style statement. Each table features a single drawer and a door, both adorned with classic reeded patterns that add texture and depth. The canted side posts are crowned with delicately carved rosettes, a nod to the intricate craftsmanship of the era. Resting on tapered feet, angled in the front, these tables exude a sense of grace and poise. In a contemporary home, these bedside tables would find their perfect spot flanking a bed, providing both beauty and functionality. The drawers offer convenient storage for nighttime essentials, while the doors open to reveal additional space for books, linens, or other items. The top surface is ideal for holding a lamp, a stack of reading materials, or a small vase of fresh flowers, turning the area beside your bed into a cozy and inviting nook. Beyond the bedroom, these versatile pieces could also be used as side tables in a living room or as charming storage in a hallway or guest room. Their historical charm, coupled with their practicality, makes them a wonderful addition to any home, offering a touch of Swedish heritage and a sense of timeless sophistication.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 16.5"W x 14.5"D x 29.5"
Inventory Number: YY367
Price: $3,950