French Barbizon Painting of a Shepherd with His Herd of Sheep, Late 19th Century

A French Barbizon school painting of a herd of sheep with shepherd and dog by French artist Pablo Martinez Del Rio from the late 19th century in giltwood frame. This French Barbizon plein-air painting features a shepherd and his dog leading a herd of sheep to drink from what seems to be a pond or a stream. The blue color of his shirt attracts our eye and invites us to discover the rest of the scene. This is reinforced by the presence of one of the sheep on the left who is looking directly at us. We are immediately stricken by the serenity of the scene. The artist excelled at depicting the light that bathes their coat, creating a beautiful contrast with the subtle blue tones of the water and sky as well as the green of the woods marking this carefully organized composition. The Barbizon School, led by the charismatic presence of Camille Corot, explored plein-air painting in the neighborhood of the Fontainebleau forest. As such, landscapes shifted from a certain idealism to a more realist and lively depiction. Set inside a beautifully carved giltwood frame, this French painting is signed lower right.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 34" L x 27 1/2" H
Inventory Number: FF197
Price: $6,950