French 19th Century Pastel Still-Life Painting Depicting a Bouquet of Tulips

A French pastel still-life painting from the 19th century depicting a bouquet of tulips on grey background, in gilded frame. A lovely French pastel still-life painting from the 19th century, depicting a vibrant bouquet of tulips against a dark grey background, elegantly framed in a simple gilded frame. This artwork, with its luminous color palette and delicate rendering, invites viewers into a realm of beauty and tranquility. The centerpiece of this painting is an enchanting bouquet of tulips, effortlessly capturing the grace and charm of these beloved flowers. The tulips, with their tender petals, boast an array of captivating yellow and pink tones. Their fresh green stems elegantly juxtapose the delicate hues of the petals, lending an invigorating burst of life to the composition. The tulips are beautifully depicted with soft pastel strokes, showcasing the artist’s masterful touch and the evanescent quality of the medium. Adding depth and focus to the painting, paper matting creates an oval shape that lovingly cradles the bouquet, guiding the viewer’s gaze towards the heart of the piece. This design choice creates a sense of intimacy and draws attention to the exquisite details and vibrant colors of the tulips. The backdrop, a dark grey tone, serves as the perfect canvas, allowing the tulips to take center stage. The grey background is at once subtle and graceful, evoking a sense of calm and sophistication. Encasing this piece of art is a simple, yet elegant, gilded frame. The frame is understated in its design, yet rich in texture, perfectly complementing the painting without detracting from its beauty. The glass secured by the frame ensures the protection of the delicate pastels.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 17.25"W x 22.25"H
Inventory Number: XX244
Price: $995