French Provincial Biot Jar with Green Glaze and Rustic Character, 20th Century

A French Provincial Biot jar from the 20th century with green glaze, generous lines and great weathered patina. Infuse your interior with the bucolic charm of the French Povençale region through this captivating French 20th century glazed Biot jar. Crafted in the famed pottery town of Biot, this vessel is a symphony of traditional craftsmanship and rustic aesthetics. The jar’s voluptuous body is made of terracotta evoking the sun-drenched terrains of Provence. The graceful curves taper elegantly into a slim neck adorned with a rolled rim. Traces of a green glaze adorn the upper section, whispering stories of its artisanal heritage. But what sets this piece apart is its riveting allure, akin to a Provençal sunset. Its warm, sun-kissed tones breathe life into spaces, be it an enchanting foyer or a serene patio. In a world where beauty and utility are paramount, this Biot jar stands as an epitome of both. Use it as an arresting standalone piece or let it hold foliage; it’s bound to be the cynosure in any setting. This exquisite jar isn’t just décor, it’s an experience—a piece of France brought into your home.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 17.5"H x 13.5" Diameter
Inventory Number: XX510
Price: $1,500